1 Thing to Do Right Now If You Love Luxo Jr.

This post is an excuse for you to watch this video:

I’ve always thought Luxo Jr., the little lamp from Pixar’s first short and their corporate logo, was adorable. My roommate is a particular fan of him. So, she was thrilled when I stumbled across this video today. While we each had a trip to Walt Disney World between June 2009 and April-ish 2010, when Luxo Jr. was still performing in Pixar Place, neither of us had ever seen him there.

For more details on Luxo Jr.’s brief in-park career, see this WDW News Today report on his debut and his obituary from Studios Central.

Oh, and here’s a video of the show at night, with special lighting effects!

Did you ever get to see Luxo Jr. in person?