Auntie Tip: Enjoying Fireworks While Protecting Children’s Ears

In my auntie tip 6 More Things You’ll Wish You Had Remembered to Bring on Your Walt Disney World Vacation, I mentioned how all of my nieces and nephews have gone through a phase of being scared of fireworks, because of the loud noises. We had yet to find a solution, although I was considering kid-sized ear plugs (if only we could figure out how to get the kids to let us put them in).

Well, the problem has been solved! My brother bought noise-reduction ear muffs for his kids for their recent trip to the World, and the kids were wild about them! They all were willing to wear them; in fact, they and their cousins fought over them. (Now that we know they work so well, we’ll have to bring enough for all the kids next time, even the ones who aren’t afraid of fireworks!) I was so happy to hear about how my five-year-old nephew watched—and thoroughly enjoyed—IllumiNations (my favorite fireworks show) for the first time ever.

My brother bought the ear muffs on Amazon for around $14 each. They are 3M Peltor brand, and they come in kids and junior sizes. They are highly adjustable, so they should last a while as kids grow. Do some searching online for the best prices; I found a few sites that had them for closer to $10 (but watch the shipping costs).

I am so excited that I will now be able to enjoy all the fireworks shows with all my nieces and nephews! Has anyone else out there dealt with a fear of fireworks?