Auntie Tip: 5 Things You’ll Wish You Had Remembered to Bring on Your Walt Disney World Vacation

Mickey Mouse bag filled with supplies for a Disney tripA successful Walt Disney World vacation requires preparation, particularly when you’re traveling with children. In my adventures going to Walt Disney World with up to six nieces and nephews at time, I’ve learned that the simplest things can mean the difference between tears and tantrums and giggles and glee.

So here’s my list of things that you may not have thought to bring . . . but if you don’t, you’ll wish you had.

1. Stickers

Stickers are a great way to keep small children occupied in line. I bring lots of them so the kids can use as many as they want, and I often give them to other kids standing near us if they look like they want one too. (It’s best to ask the parents first, but I’ve never had anyone say no). I like the foil-backed ones because they stick to clothing and skin better than the paper kind. I’ve found Disney ones in bags of 100ish at Walgreens and Hobby Lobby for around a dollar or two. They used to be at Dollar Tree, too, but I haven’t seen them there lately.

2. Temporary Tattoos

Another great way to keep kids occupied. All you need to do is pocket a few paper towels from the bathroom and then wet them with a drinking fountain or water bottle whenever the kids need a little distraction. Again, I bring a lot of them, and let the kids have as many as they want. I’ve found a wide assortment of Disney tattoos at Party City.

3. Glow Bracelets/Necklaces

Kids love them, and it helps you keep track of them after dark. I’ve found them in the Target Dollar Spot and at Dollar Tree, which is much less expensive than buying them in the Parks.

4. Water Spray Bottle/Fan

If you’re in WDW between April and October, chances are it’s going to be *hot*. As soon as your kids see the spray water bottles they sell just about everywhere, they’re going to want one. I don’t remember exactly how much they cost, but I remember being horrified. Bring one (or one for each kid) along and pull it out of your bag at the right moment to satisfy their water-spraying urges.

5. Hair Glitter

If you have little girls, they will soon notice other little girls around the park who have fancy hairdos covered in pixie dust (glitter). These girls have been to the charming but expensive (currently $49.95 to $189.95) Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique. If you’re not planning on shelling out for that, you may need a plan B. One option is to go to Harmony Barbershop on Main Street U.S.A., which doles out glitter after a haircut (or at least they did when my niece and nephews got their first haircuts there in 2005 and 2008). The other option is to pull your little girl’s hair in a high, tight bun (which seems to be the most common Bibbidi Bobbidi hairstyle) and cover it with glitter you brought from home. I’ve never seen it sold in the Parks.

● ● ●

You may not have thought much about keeping kids entertained in Disney World; after all, it’s Disney World! But trust me, these little things make all the difference. Now that you’ve seen my list of must-bring items, what’s going on yours?

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