4 Things to Do in Walt Disney World If You Love Romance

It’s Valentine’s Day, so naturally that’s the theme of today’s post. I could have made today’s list be of romantic things to do in Walt Disney World with your valentine, but I think that, similar to how there’s no one best restaurant in Walt Disney World, there’s no official standard of romantic things to do there. You and your significant other might find a candlelight dinner romantic, while others would prefer watching IllumiNations or strolling the beach at the Polynesian. If you’re in Walt Disney World on Valentine’s Day, do whatever makes you as a unique couple happy. If, on the other hand, you’re there any time of year and simply like Valentine’s Day for what it is—a celebration of romance—then I can certainly recommend some romantic tales as old as time for you to experience. So, here are four things to do in Walt Disney World if you love romance.

1. Beauty and the Beast—Live on Stage

Belle and the Beast reading in Beauty and the Beast -- Live on Stage in Disney's Hollywood Studios, Walt Disney WorldAs I mentioned in my post on musical theater, this musical in Disney’s Hollywood Studios is fantastic, and of course, a great love story. The musical plays five or six times a day, so check the Times Guide for the performance schedule.

2. Voyage of the Little Mermaid

Based on another classic Disney love story, Voyage of the Little Mermaid is also performed daily in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. This production is shorter and involves more film clips and special effects than the more theatrical Beauty and the Beast—Live on Stage, but it still tells the story of a princess meeting her prince.

3. The Great Movie Ride

In my post on Lady and the Tramp, I mentioned the romance montage at the end of The Great Movie Ride, which shows such famous screen couples as Rhett and Scarlett (from Gone with the Wind), Cathy and Heathcliff (from Wuthering Heights), and, of course, Lady and Tramp. Earlier in the attraction you also see a famous scene of ill-fated romance from the classic film Casablanca.

4. Disney’s Wedding Pavilion

Walt Disney World is a popular destination not only for honeymoons but also for weddings. While there are a number of places around property where weddings can be conducted, there is one custom-built location: Disney’s Wedding Pavilion, located near the Grand Floridian. It’s not always open, but I’ve been able to peek in there a few times. With the castle view and Victorian theming, it feels romantic even when no weddings are happening there.

Exterior of Disney's Wedding Pavilion in Walt Disney World

Interior of Disney's Wedding Pavilion in Walt Disney World

View of Cinderella Castle from Disney's Wedding Pavilion in Walt Disney World

● ● ●

Your romance-themed day in Walt Disney World involves only one theme park: Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Start your morning there with The Great Movie Ride. Then catch performances of Beauty and the Beast—Live on Stage and Voyage of the Little Mermaid. When you’re finished there, you can take a bus to the Grand Floridian resort. Then use this map to find your way to the Wedding Pavilion.

Happy Valentine’s Day!