4 Things to Do in Walt Disney World If You Love U.S. Presidents

It’s President’s Day here in the U.S., so you can anticipate the theme of today’s post. As you might expect, presidents can be found in both Liberty Square in Magic Kingdom and American Adventure pavilion in Epcot. You might not guess, though, the other park where one president can be found.

Here are four things to do in Walt Disney World if you love U.S. presidents.

1. The Hall of Presidents

If you’ve ever been to Walt Disney World, you surely predicted the first attraction on this list, and if you love hearing about the U.S. presidents, you’re probably one of the few who enters The Hall of Presidents for reasons other than escaping the heat! I’m exaggerating, of course. Like just about everything in Walt Disney World, The Hall of Presidents is designed with excellence and worth experiencing whether or not you’re particularly patriotic. If you are a fan of the presidency, I can’t imagine a better attraction for you to experience. You’ll also enjoy the displays of presidential memorabilia in the Rotunda pre-show area.

2. Liberty Tree Tavern

Sign for Liberty Tree Tavern in Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney WorldEach dining room in this Liberty Square restaurant is themed after an early American patriot, including two presidents. One room is dedicated to George Washington and another to Thomas Jefferson. I have to admit that I’ve eaten at this restaurant several times and never noticed just how precisely it was themed room by room until it was pointed out to me. Be sure to take time to look around after your meal.

3. The American Adventure

While all current and past U.S. presidents are portrayed in The Hall of Presidents, only a select few made it into The American Adventure. Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, Theodore Roosevelt, and Franklin D. Roosevelt are represented by Audio-Animatronic figures. Other presidents, including John F. Kennedy, are seen or heard in multimedia clips throughout the show.

4. Walt Disney: One Man’s Dream

The Hall of Presidents would likely never have come to be if not for Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln, an attraction created by Disney for the State of Illinois Pavilion at the 1964 New York World’s Fair. The Audio-Animatronic Lincoln figure wowed audiences at the time. The attraction lives on in a modified form in Disneyland, but the original Audio-Animatronic figure is displayed in Walt Disney: One Man’s Dream in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. I don’t have a picture of it myself, but you can see the display at Studios Central.

● ● ●

Your presidential day in Disney will involve three parks. You’ll want to be in Magic Kingdom at lunch or dinner so that you can eat at Liberty Tree Tavern, so you may consider starting at a different park. I would suggest Disney’s Hollywood Studios, because World Showcase (where The American Adventure is located) in Epcot doesn’t open until late morning. If you start in Disney’s Hollywood Studios, you can take the boat from there to Epcot, and then the monorail over to Magic Kingdom. None of the attractions will involve significant waits. Just make sure to make your advanced dining reservations for Liberty Tree Tavern before your trip.

Happy President’s Day!