Auntie Tip: Using Index Cards for Character Autographs

Today’s Auntie Tip is actually a Mommy Tip, because I got the idea from my sister. When my parents and I took my niece and nephew to Walt Disney World a couple years ago, my sister gave us a pack of blank (unruled) index cards for collecting character autographs. We discovered this has several advantages over using an autograph book.

1. Easy to Carry

You can carry a few cards with you at all times, ready for unexpected character encounters. This happened to us when I took my niece into The Magic of Disney Animation while my parents stayed with her little brother, who was asleep in the stroller. We had left most of our stuff with them, but I still had an index card and Sharpie in my pocket, so we were able to get autographs from Dug, Russell, and Mr. Fredricksen from Up.

Although you can get by without it, we’ve found it’s best to store the cards in a 4″ x 6″ flip book or photo album so the characters have a hard surface to write on. Also, I find the clickable Sharpies are easiest for fur characters to handle. Their costumes give them limited dexterity, and regular pens are just too small.

2. Great for Collecting

When you use index cards, you can keep adding to your autograph collection trip after trip, without having to buy a new autograph book each time or remember to bring the old one (and risk having it get lost). When you get home, you can display your collection on a bulletin board or in picture frames where you can see them every day, rather than having them in an autograph book that gets buried at the bottom of the toy box.

3. Perfect for Scrapbooking

The third advantage is for scrapbookers or people who still like to print photos and put them in an album. To help you remember how and when you got the autograph, put the card in the scrapbook or album next to the photo of your child with the character. The cards are also easy to scan and print for cute accents to use throughout your scrapbooks.

4. Inexpensive

The fourth and final advantage is that it’s less expensive: 99 cents for a 100-pack of index cards versus $7-$15 for an autograph book. $7 is actually fairly cheap for a Disney souvenir (although not as cheap as pressed pennies!), but when you’re scrimping and saving to afford your next Disney trip, every little bit counts!

● ● ●

Now that you’ve got a way to capture those autographs, which character’s autograph would you most like to get? Here are a few whose autographs we got using this method.

Cinderella signing her autograph at Walt Disney WorldTiana signing her autograph at Walt Disney WorldSnow White signing her autograph at Walt Disney World

Mary Poppins signing her autograph at Walt Disney World

Marie signing her autograph at Walt Disney WorldDonald Duck signing his autograph in Walt Disney World