Auntie Tip: The View from a Stroller

This morning, the Disney Parks InsidEARS Facebook page shared a photo of the Cinderella statue in Fantasyland in Magic Kingdom. If you look at the statue straight on, there’s nothing unusual about it, but if you look at it from a child’s perspective, it looks like she’s wearing the crown that’s painted on the wall behind her. I unfortunately don’t have any good pictures of the effect, but you can see photos on the Disney Parks Blog.

This is one example of how Walt Disney World was designed to be seen from the eyes of a child; however, not every aspect of the park experience is that way. Sometimes, this is all the kids get to see:

View of legs from a child's stroller in Walt Disney World

My three-and-a-half-year-old niece took this picture. On one of our trips, we got her and her cousins Mickey Mouse cameras, and it was hilarious to see their photos. It was also a good reminder that the view from a stroller isn’t typically the greatest. While the adults are being wowed by the scenery, sometimes this is what the stroller-bound child is seeing:

View of a fence from a child's stroller in Walt Disney World

So, when your kids complain about being strapped into their strollers, it might not just be about wanting to run around. A theme park in a stroller isn’t always all that exciting. So, while I certainly know how tiring it can be to carry kids around and how slow they walk sometimes (and how every once in a while you might consider leashing them), I encourage you to give your kids breaks from the stroller so that they have a chance to truly see—and touch—the magic.

A Toy Story Green Army Man greeting a child in Pixar Place in Disney's Hollywood Studios in Walt Disney World

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  1. Nice post. I’m guilty now of strapping my kids in those strollers. I will make sure our next Disney trip would be a better experience for them. Thanks.

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