Auntie Tip: There Is No Best Restaurant in Walt Disney World

I follow a lot of Disney-related podcasts and blogs, and whenever the hosts answer listener or reader questions, someone almost always asks, “What’s the best restaurant in Walt Disney World?” or “Which restaurant should I choose for my birthday/anniversary/proposal/celebration meal?” Although the hosts helpfully offer suggestions, I think these are questions without good answers, because so much depends on you.

What food do you like or dislike? Do you want to feel like you’re in Walt Disney World or somewhere else entirely? Does a fancy atmosphere make you feel pampered or intimidated? Do you like interacting with characters or do they annoy you? Do you like shows or other entertainment during your meal, or does that distract you from the real star: the food? What’s your budget? How long do you want your meal to take?

There is no definitive best restaurant in Walt Disney World, but there might be a few that are best for you. To find out which those are, use the resources available to you online and in guidebooks. AllEars.Net has menus with prices from every restaurant in Walt Disney World, so you can make sure the food selections and costs meet your preferences. If there’s a particular food item you’re looking for, you can use the tool on the DIS dining page. You can get a sense of the ambiance by looking at restaurant photos on sites like AllEars.Net or using Google Images. Restaurant reviews are available on many sites, including AllEars.Net, DIS Boards, and The Disney Food Blog.

Vacationearing is all about engineering your vacation around what’s important to you, and that goes for restaurant decisions too.

P.S. This is what’s important to me:

Dessert sampler from Tony's Town Square in Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney WorldChocolate dessert at Coral Reef Restaurant in Epcot Future World, Walt Disney World

Warm Chocolate Lava Cake with Bailey's Irish Cream Ganache from Ireland booth at Epcot Food & Wine Festival 2010, Walt Disney WorldChocolate mousse from Le Cellier Steakhouse in Canada pavilion, Epcot, Walt Disney World