Auntie Tip: Becoming Those People Who Leash Their Children

Pinocchio with a kid on a leash at Walt Disney World

I love the juxtaposition of Pinocchio (who's got no strings) and a leashed child. (This is a random kid, not one of my nieces and nephews.)

I always thought the idea of putting a leash on your kid was ridiculous. And then we took my 18-month-old niece to Walt Disney World. It was on that trip that we lost her briefly in Once Upon a Toy in Downtown Disney (as I mentioned in one of my things to bring to Disney posts). And then I was glad that my sister had brought along a cute puppy backpack that, yes, had a leash attached. We didn’t use it extensively, but it was helpful when my niece really wanted to walk.

On later trips, when the number of children had multiplied, we still used the leashed backpacks but even less often. The bigger ones wouldn’t wear the backpack, and when the younger ones were, the big kids wanted to “walk” them. (We had to make a rule that only a grown-up could hold the leash.) So, we’re mostly back to strollers, but on our trip to Disneyland next November, we’ll be up to seven kids aged one to seven, and I suspect we’ll be taking at least one leashed backpack along.

So are you one of those people who leash their children?