Auntie Tip: Costumes and Cold Weather

In recent years, just about every other child you see in a Disney Park is in costume. It’s adorable, of course, and a great way to use those Halloween costumes year-round. But the right costume can not only be cute, but also useful. Here’s why…

We tend to take our big family trips to Walt Disney World in November or December. If you choose the right weeks (i.e. not the week of Christmas), it can be a great time to go, with relatively light crowds. One major flaw we’ve discovered, however, is that the weather can be unfriendly. Although the high temperature today, for example, is 72 degrees, we’ve had days when the high temperature was in the 50s. You also have to take into account the low temperatures, because if you’re taking advantage of Extra Magic Hours, you’re going to be out and about early in the morning as well as after dark.

Now, we’re not the family who only packs shorts and t-shirts and seems surprised that it can be chilly in Florida, but we have been caught off guard by how cold it could get. One day, when the average temperature was 49 degrees, we ended up putting socks on the toddlers’ hands because we didn’t have mittens for them.

So, it’s important to bring coats and such to the World in the winter months, but what’s even better is when you can find a costume that can do the job of a coat. Such as:

Toddler wearing Eeyore costume in Walt Disney World

Isn’t this adorable? (I love the little tail!) Now, if your child will only wear princess dresses, this doesn’t work so well, but if you can get them in furry costumes, it’s a great way to keep them warm and cute. Just don’t forget to also pack mittens!