Auntie Tip: Breakfast Beverages on the Disney Quick-Service Dining Plan

Until the last year or so, the Disney Quick-Service Dining Plan included two beverages  with breakfast, to make up for the lack of dessert for that meal. (Lunch and dinner meal credits include an entree, drink, and dessert.) Now, you only get one beverage with breakfast, but you do get a refillable mug for use in your resort.

Resort refillable travel mugs from Walt Disney World

How useful this mug is depends on how you vacation. If you spend a lot of time at the hotel pool, it’s invaluable. It’s great to be able to get something cold to drink any time of day. If you spend all day every day in the parks (like me, usually), it’s not as useful.

Still, I’ve found that on certain trips, I love the refillable mugs. If I’m with my family and we have strollers along, I like to get my morning coffee or hot chocolate in the travel mug and take it along. It’s especially nice to have on cooler mornings while we’re waiting for the bus. Then, with my dining plan breakfast credit, I get a bottle of water to drink in the parks later in the day. This saves a little time and money not having to buy one later, and having it with at the start of the day helps me remember to stay hydrated.

The reason I do this only when we have a stroller along is that I don’t want to be stuck carrying the travel mug all day long. I only bring a small drawstring backpack into the parks, and the mug wouldn’t fit comfortably in there, and I’d have to go to a bathroom to wash and dry it first.

So, I only bring a mug into the parks if I can throw it in the bottom of a stroller. On grown-ups-only trips, the mugs usually stay in the room unused. That’s OK, though, because when I get home, I love using my Disney travel mugs to have a little magic every morning.

How do you use the refillable mugs on your trips?