Auntie Tip: Birthday Cards from Characters

I spent today in Disney’s Animal Kingdom and Magic Kingdom, and it was magical! The crowds were light, and the weather was perfect.

I tried a new idea today that I wanted to share with you. This trip is kid-free, but I wanted to get something special for my nieces and nephews who have birthdays coming up. So, I bought Disney birthday cards (Hallmark brand, from Kohl’s) and brought them along, and today I had some characters sign them.

Third birthday card signed by Donald Duck in Walt Disney World

First birthday card signed by Mickey Mouse in Walt Disney World

Cool, huh? I have more cards that I’m going to get signed tomorrow.

If you decide to try this tip, I recommend buying cards with multiple characters on them so you have a choice of who could sign them (unless, of course, there’s one favorite character you must get). Make sure you bring something hard to write on. I used the stack of cards. I also recommend using a Sharpie marker, because it seems easier for the characters with gloves to handle. Make sure not to close the card or touch the signature until you’re sure it’s dry, especially if the card is made of a glossy paper. You could also take a picture of the character signing the card and include a print in the card, so the child knows the character really signed it—not you doing your best Mickey Mouse signature.

If you like this idea but want more flexibility of what to do with the signature, check out my tip about collecting character autographs on index cards.

That’s my tip from today in the parks. I’m looking forward to another magical day tomorrow!

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