Erica the Vacationear wearing Mickey Ears

I know I need a better picture. Maybe one where I'm facing the camera. In the mean time, ten points if you can figure out which queue I'm in.

My name is Erica and I like Walt Disney World. A lot. I average one trip to a Disney park per year (although there was a particularly good stretch from December ‘09-October ‘10 with three WDW trips and one Disneyland trip). I don’t live in Florida, but I am a mere 21 miles from Walt Disney’s birthplace.

I am surrounded by Disney people, including my sister-in-law and my roommate. People have asked us how we can keep going back to the same vacation spot. These are people who simply don’t get it, but I have hopes of changing their minds.

You see, these people don’t realize just how much Disney World has to offer. It’s not just for kids, and it’s not just about the attractions. It’s about… well, something different for everyone. I love musicals and miniatures and attention to details, and Disney has all that. You might love food or trains or pirates. Or you might have a favorite character or movie that you love to see brought to life.

That’s what this blog is about: highlighting the things people love that can be found in Disney World. It’s for people who wonder if they would enjoy a trip to Disney, and for those who have been so many times they’re looking for something different to do there. In each post, I list things to do in Disney around a certain theme and give tips for how to build a vacation day around that theme.

Along the way, I throw in some auntie tips. I don’t have kids of my own, but there are ten children under the age of eight who call me “Auntie” (well, the ones who can speak do). I’ve done Disney World trips with anywhere from two to six of them at a time. So I know a thing or two about traveling with kids, and I also enjoy grown-ups-only trips, so I have a variety of experiences and ideas to share.


I aim to post three or four times a week. To make sure you don’t miss hearing where to find the things you love at Walt Disney World, may I suggest subscribing? Here’s how:


In real life, I’m a grad student and freelance writer, editor, and document designer. If you want to know more, visit ericadekker.com.


Any comments, questions, or concerns? Email me at erica(at)vacationearing.com. I love hearing from fellow Disney fans!


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