3 Things to Do in Walt Disney World If You Love Finding Nemo

This September, Finding Nemo will be released in theaters in 3D. It doesn’t seem like that long since it first debuted in 2003, but in the past nine years millions have grown to love Nemo, Marlin, Dori, Crush, and their friends. Although Walt Disney World guests miss out on the Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage that’s only in Disneyland, they get to find Nemo in several unique ways at the Florida parks.

Here are three things to do in Walt Disney World if you love Finding Nemo.

1. Finding Nemo—The Musical

The story is touching! The costumes are great! The music is fabulous! It’s indoors and air-conditioned! What’s not to love about Finding Nemo—The Musical? This 40-minute show plays several times a day in Disney’s Animal Kingdom and is simply not to be missed.

Finding Nemo The Musical at Disney's Animal Kingdom in Walt Disney World

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6 Things to Do in Walt Disney World If You Love Animals

I’ve already done a number of animal-themed posts here on Vacationearing, but they’ve all focused on a particular type of animal: birds, fish, dinosaurs, elephants, bears, dragons, and lions. What if you love all animals equally? That’s what we’ll talk about today: the more generalized animal experiences available at Walt Disney World.

Here are six things to do in Walt Disney World if you love animals.

1. Disney’s Animal Kingdom

I always feel like putting an entire park as a list item is kind of a cop-out, but in this case, if you love animals, Animal Kingdom is where you’re going to want to spend much of your time. You’ll see animals (both real and Imagineered) in other parks, but here you’ll find more than 1,700 animals from 250 species! Of course you’ll want to ride Kilimanjaro Safaris, but don’t forget about all the trails where you can see even more animals. The trails include the Cretaceous Trail, Discovery Island Trails, Pangani Forest Exploration Trail, and Maharajah Jungle Trek.

Harambe Wildlife Preserve sign on Kilimanjaro Safaris at Disney's Animal Kingdom, Walt Disney World

Harambe Wildlife Preserve sign on Kilimanjaro Safaris

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Auntie Tip: Bringing the Magic Home

Although Vacationearing is about planning Walt Disney World vacations around the things you love, unfortunately, vacations don’t last forever. To help ease the transition, make sure you bring some of the magic home with you.

Disneyland WALL-E Pressed NickelYou might assume this means buying souvenirs, but there are a lot of free and almost free alternatives to what you find in the gift shops. Here are some examples:

  • Digital photos
  • Guide maps and times guides
  • Information packet from your resort
  • Tickets
  • Character autographs
  • Pressed pennies (only 51 cents!), nickels, dimes, and quarters
  • Birthday and other celebration buttons (request them at Guest Relations)
  • Confetti (be sure to bring a baggie to keep it in)

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3 Things to Do in Walt Disney World If You Love Segways

The Walt Disney World Resort covers 47 square miles. Not all of that area is accessible to guests, of course, but still, that’s a lot of ground to cover. Disney offers a lot of walking tours to show you some of the unique sights around property, but if you prefer to roll rather than walk, a Segway tour may be right for you. There are three Segway tours currently offered in Walt Disney World. There used to be one more—the Simply Segway tour that taught the basics of navigating a Segway—but that tour was discontinued in September 2011. The first tour on today’s list is also being discontinued, but not until July 2012, so you may still be able to experience it before it’s gone.

Here are three things to do in Walt Disney World if you love Segways.

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5 Things to Do in Walt Disney World If You Love Alice in Wonderland

It’s been almost a month since I did a post about where to find specific characters, so I thought it was high time for another. Lewis Carroll’s books Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass have been adapted numerous times by the Disney company, starting with the live-action/cartoon hybrid Alice Comedies in the 1920s, followed by the animated Alice in Wonderland in 1951, and Tim Burton’s live action Alice on Wonderland in 2010. You can still find merchandise inspired by the 2010 film in the parks, but all other Alice references are to the 1951 film, and those are the references I’ll focus on today.

Here are five things to do in Walt Disney World if you love Alice in Wonderland.

1. Mad Tea Party

We’ll start off with the attraction that almost everyone—even those who have never been to the Disney Parks—is familiar with, although they may not know its real name. The attraction pictured below is officially called “Mad Tea Party,” although many simply refer to it as “the tea cups.”

Mad Tea Party (the "teacups") at Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World

The Dormouse popping out of the tea pot in Mad Tea Party in Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney WorldThe ride itself is quite simple, but Alice lovers will enjoy spotting the Dormouse popping his head out of the large teapot in the middle, as well as these topiaries.

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